October 09, 2008

Did great at meeting

Today I spent most of the day away from home because of a meeting in Indianapolis. 2 hours over there, 2 hour meeting, 2 hours back. Dazzle went with me and did GREAT. I arrived a bit early and we went for a short walk in a busy part of town before going in to the meeting. He chewed on his nylabone for a bit, then slept through the rest of the meeting (after rolling over and getting wraped in his leash.) :-) On the way home, we stopped off to do two tracks. The first one, I had to shorten when I was laying the food because the water dried up too fast. He is starting to sniff the ground more, even when not tracking. I really need to do more work on "Leave it" and I'll be glad when he will fit into the harness I got him for tracking. That way it will be more clear when he is allowed to sniff and when he can't. He knows when there is food on the ground though and is starting to "crab" (walk sideways) because his rear end is going faster than his nose.

When I got home, I focused on house cleaning to get ready for the party on Saturday. So he kept busy while I kept one eye on him and the other on what I was doing. Not easy!

Tomorrow will likely be more of the same. I need to mow the lawn, vaccum, clean the bathrooms, hang the new gate I made Wednesday, etc, etc.

I did get some photos of him today though since he is now 10 weeks old!

Mike's sister and mom came by for a visit and it was a melee at the fence.

Dazzle is playing a lot more with Buster and played for the first time today with Bear. Not that Bear had much choice after Dazzle tackled him! But both were playing nicely. This photo was snapped just before Dazzle took off to get Buster to chase him.