August 23, 2010

Cavaletti to bar jump

I've only practiced with the cavaletti once since last week because of the heat.  What I learned from our last session (last week) is that I should be on the landing side of the jump because he was twisting back toward me before he finished the jump looking for the ball.  I also think the cavaletti may have come to the end of their usefulness.  They did teach him how to regulate his stride, but now I need to work on his take-off point, which I tried to do with the cavaletti by putting a jump bump in front of the first jump.  The purpose of which is to get him to get closer to the jump for his take off point.  Here is video of the cavaletti session last week:

VIDEO: Cavaletti with jump bump

Yesterday I switched to a bar jump and raised it to 16" (then 20).  He did MUCH better with the bar jump than he was doing with the lower cavaletti.  He did knock the bar once, but his form and take-off point are better.  I'm still using the jump bump, and will for awhile because I need him to get comfortable with the closer take-off point.

VIDEO: bar jump with jump bump