August 16, 2010

more cavaletti practice

Today we got a break from the humid heat wave we have been having.  It was only mid 80's and much less humid.  After I cleaned out the pool, and mowed the lawn, I set-up the cavaletti again.  Today I set them up in an angled pattern.  It was still a straight line of jumps, but they were not the same distance apart depending on where he jumped them.

I added some bars along the ground on the sides to visually make it clear it was still a jump chute.  But once I knew he understood, I removed those.  His extention and collection within the line of jumps is good and by the last jump in the row, he was usually jumping from a good spot.  But his entry into the jumps is still very inconsistent. 

I tried adding a bar on the ground to help him find the proper take-off spot, but it didn't work very well.  I think I might deviate from the training plan and work more on his take-off spot.  I think getting that more consistent will be the key to keeping the jump bars up. I need to review my notes from Susan Salo's jumping DVD. :-)

Here's the video if you want to see it.  

VIDEO: angled cavaletti