August 04, 2010

Collection and extension

We did more cavaletti work this morning.  But it was already hot, so I only had him do a few runs. 

I think he likes it though!  Last night, I took him out for a last potty break before going to bed and when I told him to "get busy" he tore off to the cavaletti at the back of the yard and did the full set!  The yard has lights, but it was still pretty dark. 

Yesterday, we continued to work on "collection".  We got down to 5 feet between jumps and I could see him really working at shortening his stride.  He did "cheat" a few times and jumped 2 jumps at once :-)

VIDEO: Cavaletti 5' 9" to 5'

Today, we started with 7 feet between jumps and after four runs, I extended it to 7'8" between jumps.  After four runs at that distance, I extended it to 8' 2".  Stretching out his stride as he jumps is easy for him, so that's why I jumped it up so fast. 

VIDEO: Cavaletti 7' to 8' 2"

Next (either tonight or tomorrow) I'll start varying the distance between the cavaletti.

I did make some new jumps so I'm ready when we get to that step. 

I was dissapointed to find that the construction of PVC T's has changed and they can no longer be cut to make snap-on jump cups!  I had to figure out a new method of holding the jump cups. 

With the help of my brother-in-law (who works at Home Depot) we came up with the rubber caps that are meant to slip over chair legs to keep them from scratching a floor. I cut them into a cup shape, and drilled holes in the jump upright.  

Now Dazzle is laying on his cool bed by the A/C vent and I'm going to stay inside where it doesn't feel like an oven!