August 05, 2010

Variable distance

Today I varied the distance between the cavaletti. At first I had him go from short to long (5', then 6', then 7' then 8') because extending his stride is what he does well. Then I sent him from the other end (long to short). He was having trouble finding the correct take off point for the first jump, which was affecting the rest of his jumps.

I didn't review the video in slo-mo to see how he did with it, but he wasn't knocking the jumps so I thought he was doing ok. That's why I made it harder by making the distance more variable (6' to 8' to 6' to 8') and then made the short distance a foot shorter and the long distance a foot longer (5' to 9' to 5' to 9').

He actually did better with the last two set-ups. I think he starting to think and figure this stuff out! I can hope :-) I'll do more variable distance tomorrow to be sure before I move on.
VIDEO: Variable distance cavaletti
NOTE: I don't expect most people to watch the videos.  I know they aren't very exciting.  I'm just posting them and this comentary as a reference for anyone that wants to use the same method :-)