August 28, 2010

Letterboxing event and dock diving

Dazzle and I squeezed a lot into our day today. 

We started at a Letterbox gathering in Felicity OH.  This was needed to get his letterboxing 3 badge and was the last item needed for the badge!  So he has earned another badge today :-)  I'll be sending in the paperwork on Monday. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to sit with friends at a park shelter along the river.  Dazzle enjoyed watching the boats go by and visiting with anyone who got within petting distance. :-)

I had to laugh and get a photo when his tail came through the picnic table (really funny because he was wagging it and it looked like some odd wild critter!)

After our visiting, we went to Cross Creek Farm to practice Dock Diving on a regulation dock.  I got video of a few of the many jumps he did, but I'm having IE8 issues with uploads and freeze-ups.  I tried to get it uploaded, but Internet Explorer froze and upload aborted just a few minutes before it was done. GRRRR  I don't have the time or inclination to sit and wait for an upload again tonight, so I'll get it uploaded in the near future.  I was up till 2am this morning trying to get a tech to give me answers, but no luck. :-(

Air Dazzle!

OK, got the video uploaded:
VIDEO: Dock Diving at Cross Creek