August 08, 2010

Good show

Today was about the same as yesterday, but Dazzle GOT his weaves back!  Unfortunately he dropped bars :-(  I guess I can't get weaves and jumps on the same runs :-)

The first run in Level 2, he just couldn't seem to get the very last weave pole and NQ'd on that.  In talking with others it was pointed out that UKC uses 9 weaves (an odd number and we usually practice 6 or 12).  So I went to the practice sets in the back, combined them to make 9 poles and ran him through a few times.  At first, he was not doing the final pole, but slowing him down at the end helped him get it.  Once he got it twice, he had them figured out and didn't have problems with them!

The second run in level 2, he dropped a jump bar early.  I shouted out "watch, now he'll get his weaves" and of course he did!!  I was glad he did the weaves, but a bit frustrated by the dropped bar resulting in the NQ.  So 4 level 2 runs and 4 NQ's.

Our first level 1 run was awesome!  Not only did he Q, but he got a perfect score and first place!  It was a nice flowing course and he ran it really well.

Our second level 1 run, he dropped the bar on the second jump.  ARGGG!  But I can't get too mad because it was my handling error that caused it (my turning too early).  So even though we didn't get the title, I was ok with that since I was the one that caused the NQ.

But he did get two pretty blue rosettes and two blue Q ribbons to go with them.  There is another show in December, so hopefully we will do better now that I have an idea of what needs the most work. Of course he might come up with other things he has issues with by then! LOL

I had given my video camera to someone to get our Level 1 run (the perfect score run) but she stepped backwards onto a dog's tail just as I started and then didn't hit record.  So that run didn't make it onto video. So thinking that when the video didn't work, we Q'd, I didn't bother getting video for the second level 1 run. Blew THAT theory to hell :-)  I do have video of our level 2 NQ's from today, but don't think I'll bother posting it.

I might need to reconsider scheduling 4 runs per day (unless someone else can run him for me).  I am SO sore!  I did remember my brace today, but it didn't help much. What I needed was braces on both knees and my back :-) 

But all in all a good weekend.  We had lots of fun, met new people, got a few Q's and blues and learned what needs work.