August 24, 2010

Dock jumping practice

Today I roped my husband into coming to the lake and doing some video for me!  I took the rig I created for holding the toy up and out over the water.  I had planned to do all the jumps with this, but after the 4th jump, it broke and part of it sank like a rock!

Oh well, I changed the plans and worked on my throwing/timing skills.  I was trying to get him to jump UP for the toy and also get him to catch the toy (to make him try harder to get it).

Over all, we had a great time and had the boat launch almost to ourselves.  One guy drove up in a truck after my husband left and he and his dog watched Dazzle jump several times before driving off.

Video: Dock diving

I do want to vent a bit about YouTube. Trying to upload videos in the better quality takes FOREVER!  The video, just under one and a half minutes long took 3.5 HOURS!  This wouldn't be bad if I could just get it going and walk away like with most uploads.  But NO, if my computer goes to stand-by (after 10 minutes of inactivity) it causes an upload error.  So I'm stuck at the computer for the entire upload time.  Today it had uploaded for about 2 hours and then Internet Explorer got buggered up and closed- yup- lost the connection and had to start all over!  So while I like the better quality, babysitting it is a pain in the ARSE!  I couldn't find a way to keep the computer from going to stand-by. If anyone knows a way, it might save my sanity. No way I can upload a longer video till I get this figured out (or I create it in lower quality).