August 07, 2010

Today's UKC Agility Show

Photos are from the video, so not the best quality

Well, it's good news and bad :-)  Good news is we have a nice blue 1st place ribbon (and a level 1 Q)!  Yea!  Bad news is the other 3 runs were all NQ :-( 

For some reason, he forgot how to weave, one of his favorite obstacles!  With some dogs, they will go out of their way to find tunnels or contacts on the course, but usually Dazzle is drawn to the weaves.  Not today!  He acted like he hadn't seen them before. 

Of course, when I took him to the practice weaves in the back, he did fine with those.  Just not the set in the ring.  OY!  He also dropped two jump bars, one of which cost us another level 1 Q.

The weaves were what got us for level 2 (plus the dropped bar).  So I'm dissapointed about that because weaves should not have been a problem for him!  I know the jump bars can be an issue, that's why I'm working on the cavaletti with him.

There were technically 2 trials today (and 2 tomorrow).  3 Q's are needed in each level to get a title.  I signed up for a total of 4 runs in each level this weekend, giving us some leeway.  Since he already NQ'd twice in level 2, we only have 2 more chances for legs at that level this weekend (can't get 3 Q's).  He has only NQ'd once at level 1.  So if he Q's both level 1 runs tomorrow, we'll get that title.  Who knows though! :-)

In case the above paragragh was too confusing, maybe this will help:

Level   Run 1  Run 2  Run 3  Run 4
One        Q         NQ
Two        NQ      NQ

I need 3 Q's in each level to get a title.

Dazzle's new favorite obstacle he just saw for the first time 2 weeks ago... The crawl tunnel

Here's the video of three of the runs today. Of course the 1st place run was the one that didn't get on video!

VIDEO: 3 NQ runs

Now I need to go put my feet up because 4 agility runs is really more than I should have done!  And getting up at 6:30 is about 4 hours earlier than usual, so it's been a long day.